Safestrive Floor

424 000 deaths and 37,3 million requiring medical attention due to falls – a year.

The human and financial costs from fall-related injuries are substantial, placing a burden on societies as well as individuals.

The largest morbidity is found in people over 65, and according to an independent national authority in Sweden, the estimated national cost for fall injuries among elderly people is 14 billion SEK/year (€ 1.5 billion approximately).

The Safestrive Floor was designed to combat this problem – to prevent injuries and protect resources.s

Creating a Protective Environment

The Safestrive Floor aims to reduce the negative consequences to a fall accident – especially among elderly people, in elderly care institutions but also in private homes.

In short, Safestrive Floor aims to:

  • Prevent the number of fall injuries, especially head and hip injuries.
  • Reduce the physical, emotional and economical burden of a fall.
  • Provide a safer environment public and private care homes, especially for the elderly.
  • Meet existing and upcoming regulatory demands and requirements.

Setting new standards in floor impact technology


Optimized to reduce head and hip injuries through absorbing both radial and oblique impact, Safestrive Floor intends to protect against all types of fall injuries, substantially reducing the overall costs of care. Simulation tests show that Safestrive Floor reduces the head impact force by up to 80 % compared to a conventional floor, greatly reducing the risk of brain injuries. 

Ease of Use & Installation

The floor is stable enough for normal requirements such as walking and clinical activities. Safestrive Floor fulfils key requirements such as ease of installation, low chemical and emission levels, ease of cleaning and requirements of sustainability, wear and tear.

Safestrive Floor is placed with the pins downwards. On top of Safestrive Floor, another layer of glue is dispersed before the top layer of linoleum carpet is placed. The Safestrive Floor is 21 mm thick with an extra 2–3 mm linoleum carpet on top of the floor.

Unique design, unique outcome

The Safestrive Floor is an implementation of SafeStrive Technology, using an innovative polymer layer with connecting pins that absorb kinetic energy by twisting into an S-shape, reducing dynamic impact in a unique way.

The pins return to a normal profile directly after impact, meaning there is no permanent deformity in the floor.


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